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Handi-Hoops with electrical wiresThe “HANDIHOOP” is a part of a guidance and support system for pulling and installing wire and cable. It works very well for installations of telecom, data, audio, video, surveillance, and security alarm systems wiring. HANDIHOOPS lend themselves to the needed careful handling of wire and cable for the above mentioned installations (this is especially true for high performance cable). In simple form, HANDIHOOPS are conveniently used as supports…and with the help of tie wraps…for safely securing wire and cable to the structure.

HANDIHOOPS go beyond what many positioning and support devices can do, in that they can be used as a part of the wire pulling process to give better and more satisfying results in the quality and efficiency of the installation.

  • This is done by first strategically positioning the hoops on the structure to prepare the way for a trouble free wire pull.
  • As the wire pull proceeds, the hoops act as guides, supports, and pivot points.
  • The wire is kept on a controlled path and in many cases, the need for the help of a second man is eliminated.
  • When the wire reaches its destination, tiewraps can be used to tighten and dress up the installation. This method serves to support the important goal of avoiding the chance of wiring becoming damaged during installation and also has advantages in guarding the completed installation from some of the possible hazards i.e.(accidental occurrence of potentially harmful tension).

During an installation when not using the HANDIHOOP method, chances are greater for accidental hitting of the wire with a hammer when strapping, the possibility of the straps themselves having an adverse impact on the wire, or wiring being damaged by obstructions in “harms way” along the pulling path.

Also, when using HANDIHOOPS, there is definitely less resistance when pulling the wire compared with many other possible occurrences encountered when pulling wire without using a controlled guidance system. This is especially true when the hoops are strategically prepositioned to facilitate ease of pulling and to avoid obstructions and possible interferences in line with the pulling path.

Using the HANDIHOOP method is truly a reliable way to take control of one of the most important aspects of cabling installations. The HANDIHOOP has to be experienced in order for the many advantages to be realized. In comparison with many other methods used for cabling installations, I guarantee that the proper use of these devices and method will ensure a savings in time, money, and energy, not to speak of the achievements toward controlling the safety of the wire and cable itself.

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At $.45/ea. in quantities of 800 or more, a typical low-voltage install in a 2,500 square foot home can be done with around 200 hoops, for under $90. If you choose to use it as a positioning mechanism for line voltage installations, a case of 800 will fulfill all of your wiring needs in a full size home for just over $360.

As you consider saving labor costs when using Handi-Hoops by working smarter not harder it really is a no-brainer to buy ’em, use ’em and love ’em.

20 qty$7.99
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250 qty$69.99

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